Mindset and the “Art of Learning”

In yesterday’s post, I introduced the concept of having a growth mindset, as described by Carol Dweck (Your Mindset Is Important). Building on that, I would like to share a TEDx YouTube video that features mindset as a topic. Interestingly, the speaker, Eduardo Briceno, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindset Works (www.mindsetworks.com) uses Josh Waitzkin as an example of someone who has a growth mindset. If you remember the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer, Josh Waitzkin (played by Max Pomeranc) was the main character depicted in the movie. Do not let the movie fool you — Josh Waitzkin is not only a Chess Champion, for he went on to become a World Champion in Tai Chi Chuan — mainly because of his growth mindset. I actually read Josh Waitzkin’s book a few years ago: The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence and I hope to read it again soon. Paraphrasing the book description, he essentially explains that achievement is a function of a lifestyle; lifestyle fuels a creative and resilient growth process. Such interesting stuff! Enjoy the video!