Lisa is a motivational author and performance management consultant, as well as a successful mystery author under her pen name, Lizzie Benton. 


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Lisa presenting one of her mystery books written under her pen name!

Optimize Your Life Series:

Design Your Success Series:

Praise for Optimize for Victory:
“Drawing on her own experience, Kardos presents methods that work to help us overcome negative thinking, negative comments, and negative people in our quest for success in whatever endeavors we undertake. Whether you’re a student, a business person, a teacher, or, for that matter, a household manager, you can benefit from the clearly spelled out practical principles that Lisa Kardos outlines in this book.” — Doug Erlandson TOP 50 REVIEWER

“Solid advice from a clear thinking coach and mentor. Recommended.”


Cozy Mystery Book List written under pseudonym Lizzie Benton

Cannoli Cafe Investigations: A Deadly Practice:

Cannoli Cafe Investigations: Killing it in the New Year

The prequel series to Cannoli Cafe Investigations (7 book series) is available at Amazon.

Murder and Macaroons
Murder and Macaroni
Iced Cookie Murder
Murder and Bubbly
Murder, Purder
The Executive

The Ghostly Night

Praise for The Executive: 5 stars by Daniel N (Goodreads): “Mystery, crime, and a touch of romance make Lizzie Benton’s books a treat to read. This book is my favorite in the series. It kept me on edge from start to finish. Highly recommend.”