One Step at a Time…and Bundles for Good Update!

One Step at a Time

The new year has already proven to be quite challenging. For some reason this winter has been a difficult one so far, with illnesses back-to-back in my family, and many other families are experiencing the same thing!

Remember to take things one step at a time, one day at a time. That’s all you can do when unexpected things occur!

Bundles for Good Update

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  12. The Ultimate Goal Planning Course (Carl Pullein – – Value $50
  13. The 90-Day Personal Productivity Power Plan (Lise Cartwright – – Value $197
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  15. Stretch, Risk, or Die! (Rhonda Britten – – Value $69
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  29. Getting a Grip on Time Management  (Robyn Pearce – – ebook
  30. How to Do It All: The Revolutionary Plan to Create a Full, Meaningful Life — While Only Occasionally Wanting to Poke Your Eyes Out With a Sharpie (Linda Formichelli – – ebook
  31. Making Things Clear (David Cain – – ebook
  32. Your Digital Life 2.0: Everything you need to know to get your life organised and your technology working for you (Carl Pullein – – ebook
  33. Anything You Want (Derek Sivers –  – ebook
  34. 21 Day Meditation Series (Jodi Aman – – Value $35
  35. ANXIETY: What turns it on. What turns it off. (Loretta Graziano Breuning – – ebook
  36. Success is Inevitable: 17 Laws to Unlock Your Hidden Potential, Skyrocket Your Confidence and Get What You Want from Life (Thibaut Meurisse  – – ebook
  37. Start Changing Your Life (Mari L. McCarthy – – Value $25
  38. Commit: How to Blast Through Problems & Reach Your Goals Through Massive Action (Linda Formichelli – – ebook
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  40. Getting A Grip On Parenting Time: 86 commonsense lessons from the trenches. (Robyn Pearce – – ebook
  41. Mitigate Yourself: What to Do When the Risk is You (Margaret Meloni – – Value $49
  42. Prevent Overwhelm Course for HSPs – (Lauren Stewart –  – Value $33
  43. 7-Day Productivity Challenge (Derrick Mitchell – – Value $20
  44. Energy for Peak Performance (Rachel Moan – – Value $33
  45. A Book For You: 12 Questions to Free Yourself From Yourself (Stephen Parato – – ebook
  46. Self Care at Work: How to Reduce Stress, Boost Productivity, and Do More of What Matters (Melissa Steginus – – ebook
  47. 30 Day Simplify Challenge (Nora Conrad – – Value $5
  48. Think Out of the Box: Generate Ideas on Demand, Improve Problem Solving, Make Better Decisions, and Start Thinking Your Way to the Top (Som Bathla – – ebook
  49. The Self-Discipline Blueprint: A Simple Guide to Beat Procrastination, Achieve Your Goals, and Get the Life You Want (Patrik Edblad – – ebook
  50. About Time – 120 time-saving tips for those with no time (Robyn Pearce – – ebook
  51. Planning Bundle  (Nora Conrad – – Value $8
  52. Working With Todoist: The Book.: Get started with Todoist so you can get better organised and achieve greater productivity (Carl Pullein – – ebook
  53. 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized (Claire Tompkins – – ebook
  54. Making Happiness: Kickstart a Productive, Fulfilling, and Happy Life (Chris Butsch – – ebook
  55. A Champion’s Mind (Rachel Moan – – ebook
  56. Growing Gills: How to Find Creative Focus When You’re Drowning in Your Daily Life (Jessica Abel – – ebook
  57. Walking Through Transition – (Alex Strauss – – Value $19
  58. My Journey as a Highly Sensitive Person with Anxiety (Lauren Stewart – – ebook
  59. Clutterfree with Kids (Joshua Becker – – ebook
  60. The Mindful Walker  (Alex Strauss – – ebook
  61. How to Master Your Time And Get More Done (John Robin) – ebook
  62. Getting a Grip on the Paper & Email War (Robyn Pearce – – ebook
  63. You Are Here (David Cain – – ebook
  64. 21 Days to Learn to Embrace Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Workbook Course (Lauren Stewart – – workbook
  65. Create Your Own Apple Productivity System (Carl Pullein – – Value $50

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Thoughts for Today: Their Shoes and Your Mind

Today I’d like to share some thoughts I’ve had recently about two seemingly-unrelated topics that have been on my mind (and they are actually related, as I will explain).


One topic I’ve been thinking about is due to my work with students and young professionals for their careers. I often find that individuals are so stressed and concerned about getting a job that they keep thinking in terms of what’s best for them; they’re not necessarily thinking about the potential employer. In other words, they are not putting themselves in the shoes of the potential employer who is thinking, “Why should I hire this person?”


While it sounds straightforward to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, very few people do it. They think they’re bringing out the most important points in an interview, but it really takes a level of “mind mastery” to put aside your own ideas and to put yourself in the shoes of the manager.


The manager wants to hire someone who is going to make his or her job easier. That means hiring someone who can think ahead (anticipate problems and propose solutions, as an example). It’s extremely hard for people to get past the anxiousness they feel in order to achieve that level of thinking, and it’s especially hard to demonstrate that in an interview. The ones who can are typically the ones who can get the jobs or get the promotions. I know from first-hand experience after interviewing hundreds of candidates at career fairs or in my office for jobs over the years. Often their resumes looked good, but many of the interviews suffered.


This brings me to the second topic, that of “mind mastery.” Our minds are what make us so powerful as humans, and yet we can be limited by our minds at times. This is one of the reasons I study this area so much. I don’t like being limited by my mind, and I’m always looking for ways to feel like I’m in charge of my mind (and not the other way around)! As an example, if I wake up and I know I’m supposed to work on something, but I say, “I don’t feel like doing it today,” and consequently don’t work on it, I’m a victim of my mind. Most people wouldn’t look at it that way, but I do.


While this can get into a lot of philosophical thought (who am I if I’m a victim of my mind, for instance!), the bottom line is that we can often get hung up by our minds. Many people will say these are due to habits, willpower, etc., but it in the end, it all comes down to getting past our minds. Working with our habits and willpower are actually methods that can help us. So if we can figure out how to get past the voice telling us not to do something, using some of those techniques, we’ll have won. And getting back to the interview example, if we can master our mind to the point of putting our own agenda aside and demonstrating how we can provide value to someone, we’ll have succeeded in the interview.


I don’t have all the answers but I will continue to study this area and also help others, because to me this is one of the trickiest things to manage in life (in terms of success or overcoming a challenge).


So the next time you say, “I don’t feel like doing this” yet you feel frustrated that you’re not achieving what you want, remind yourself who’s in charge 😉 and in the future we’ll get into more techniques on how to master your mindset to overcome your challenges.

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